ATC started Medical activities as an important support to demining operations in 1989. Each Demining Team was medically supported by an experienced paramedic.
As ATC was grown day by day, the top management of ATC decided to have a Medical section in the Headquarters to support Medical staff at the fields. By the time ATC became the largest Demining NGO in the world, therefore, the obligation of having a Field Medical Unit was notified to UNOCHA. This idea was also appreciated by UNOCHA and they approved a Field Medical Unite for each ATC site Offices.
Now ATC has a Senior Medical Officer (a title which was generate to each demining NGO at the end of 2005), one Medical store in charge, three Field Medical Offices lead by a MD (Medical Doctor) as Field Medical Officer, and three spare paramedics (one in each field), as well as all DTs have a paramedic travelling along with the teams.