The safe and efficient clearance of land from mine and UXO hazards depends on the effective management of operationally, financially, administratively and logistically support of the demining operations.  This can be achieved by developing and applying appropriate management processes and by establishing continuously improving the skills of all managers and related staff.
Quality management system has been quite well maintained by ATC.   Quality Management is an on-going process where every individual in ATC should be committed towards the Quality and the related system. Keeping in view, ATC has established a quality Management cell, headed by a QA Executive Manager.  The cell is independent and directly is answerable to the Director ATC and operates under his direct instructions.
ATC also is committed to Quality Control, record keeping and documentation system to build confidence in the quality of work undertaken by the de-mining teams.
ATC Quality Management (QM) system is based on the following two elements:
a.        “Quality Assurance (QA): As part of QM is focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. The purpose of QA in ATC is to confirm that management practices and operational procedures for demining are appropriate, and will achieve the quality requirement in a safe, effective and efficient manner. Internal QA will be conducted by ATC- QA Section, but external inspections by an external body will also be conducted.
b.        “Quality Control (QC): As part of QM is focused on fulfilling the quality requirements.
Internal Quality Control (QC) for ATC Demining Operations:
ATC is to implement internal QC procedures appropriate to the demining operations being conducted.  ATC Internal QC procedures are based on the satisfaction of the clients that cleared land is safe for their use.  ATC is committed in Manual Demining using Detection Equipment, Mechanical, full Excavation and EOD operations.
The minimum requirements of such QC are detailed below:
Using the ‘One-Man Drill’, a minimum of 100% QC is to be carried out by the section leader on all ground cleared by his section during the working day, and record the result in his diary.
The team leader is also to check at least one lane of each section during each working day, and record the result in his diary, Quality Inspection Form and Site Log.
The Field OPS daily should also carry out the QC of 1 to 2 teams of his respective Field’s cleared area and record the results in his diary and Site log.