Overall, ATC has staff strength of almost 1091 employees active inside Afghanistan.
The agency is staffed entirely by Afghans who perform all the administrative, financial and operational activities of the project.
At the request of ATC, one technical advisor was provided by the Australian Government in kind contribution; service of this technical adviser was extended for three years. Hence, ATC thanks the Australian people and Government for their positive response.

 ATC organization consists of:

  •   Headquarters in Kabul
  •  2 Site Offices
  •  20 Demining Teams (DT)
  •  3 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Teams,
  •  3 Mechanical Demining Units (MDU)
  •  3 Mine Detection Dog Sets
Some Specific countries, organizations and commission of European, which their list mentioned below, provided fund to ATC directly or through other organizations like UN to implement projects: 
The United Nations Mine Action Services (UN MAS)
European Commission for 5 Years up to Euro 3,000,000 annually.  
Japan Government
Christian Aid, UK
NoVib based in Netherlands
The US Department Of State
Switzerland; Human Rights projects
Canadian Government; Antipersonnel Mines Stockpile destruction
Engineer Brigade; Bagram Airfield Afghanistan
Norwegian Committee for Afghanistan
UNOPS; Support to Reconstruction demining projects
The World Bank through UNOPS
ATC welcomes any contribution of funds and is ready to show the operational achievement of the specific fund in the field.
Internal and External auditing of ATC Accounts
ATC accounts are audited each quarter internally.
Almost every year, financial expert teams from the UN office at New York or Geneva or an assigned audit company audit the ATC finance section and its documents. Fortunately, they are also impressed by ATC activities and leave the organization with a good feeling. The result is visible in continuation of funds, provided to ATC, through UNMACA.
Besides, ATC projects funded by EU, was also audited by local independent audit company at the end of each project.
In addition, in April 2000, all projects of ATC funded by EU for a period of almost six years were also audited. The EU were impressed with the results and showed their appreciation of ATC’s good work and management to the EU coordination office in Peshawar, Pakistan, EU delegation in Islamabad and to UN Mine Action Center for Afghanistan (MACA).
ATC Non-Demining Activities
As ATC has shown quality management and operations in demining activities in Afghanistan, the UN and other donors were encouraged to offer ATC the opportunity to undertake the administration and financial management of some non-demining projects. These projects, which cost almost 1.5 million dollars, are listed as follows:
Coordination of Humanitarian Activities in Hazarajat, Northern Afghanistan;
Capacity Building for Human Rights and Rights Based Programming;
Field Board Assessment of the Humanitarian Implications of UN Sanctions against Afghanistan;
Human Rights Crisis management funded by Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC);
Strategic Monitoring Unit (SMU) Projects
ATC welcomes any assistance from individual donors directly or through larger organizations such as UN.
Human Resources Development
Efforts have been made to enhance and develop the overall skills, capabilities and knowledge of ATC employees. Steps have been taken to bring the ATC management to standard level and everybody has his/her responsibility to work accordingly with management standards. In this respect, ATC established language, computer, courses for demining staff that want voluntarily to join and improve their English and computer proficiency. ATC also introduced its senior staff both in HQ and Field to Middle Management courses to promote and improve their management skills.
Besides, ATC in its second decade of operations, started to decentralize the organization and improve quality management as well.
As ATC evaluated its new management style, it shows that so far the result is extremely satisfactory.
Training of other Agencies’ Trainers in EOD and BAC techniques by ATC As far as the BAC and EOD specialty remains with ATC, ATC conducted training courses for 24 instructors of Monitoring Evaluation and Training Agency (META) in year 1999 by its EOD and BAC team leaders to develop their capability to cross train other demining teams of MAPA demining agencies.